This handbook presents some of the results of the collaborative research carried out within the inter-university project BLEARN AUTONOMY. This project focused on analysing and implementing hybrid learning and/or b-learning pedagogical strategies to promote autonomy in a context of mutation caused by the latest pandemic.

The theoretical framework, integrated by constructivist and connectivist approaches to learning, highlights the transformative change of roles between learners and teachers, whose strategies stress self-regulation through enhanced feedback in a digital context.  

The handbook presents the implementation process of the project in the different universities and describes some instruments (questionnaires) and research procedures (focus groups and interviews), especially designed to draw the profile of the target students, to improve the delivery of teacher feedback and to collect the students’ metacognitive achievements (rubrics). The detailed analysis of the data, which combines qualitative and quantitative techniques, provides evidence that the delivery of teacher feedback, enhanced by digital tools, increases the students’ capacity for self-regulation. Among the various educational tools used, the digital reflective portfolio stands out as it allows longitudinal collection of samples of the development of student autonomy, is useful for planning university teaching and makes it possible to send quality feedback. In addition, this part of the handbook includes an analysis of the feedback reports that the teachers shared with each other in the context of the project and in which not only various types of feedback are identified according to the different activities that the students carry out, but also information on the students’ performance and progress.

The manual concludes with a series of recommendations addressed to the teachers so that they can introduce some changes in the methodology and pedagogical design in order to increase the metacognitive awareness of the higher education students, to encourage greater self-reflection and to develop their self-criticism, individual engagement and self-organisation.

Read the full handbook:

Cea Álvarez, A. M., Dono López, P., Lerma Sanchis, M. D., Mogas, J., Pazos-Justo, C., & Rambla, X. (2023). Empowering autonomy through feedback: proposals for hybrid learning in higher education. Dipòsit Digital de Documents de la UAB.

This handbook is a translation of the original one in Spanish:

Cea Álvarez, A. M., Dono López, P., Lerma Sanchis, M. D., Mogas Recalde, J., Pazos-Justo, C., & Rambla, X. (2023). Potenciar la autonomía mediante la retroalimentación: propuestas para el aprendizaje híbrido en la educación superior. Edições Húmus.

Cover photo: Ana Cea