Kenan Dikilitas (UiS, University of Stavanger) and Xavier Rambla (UAB, Autonomous University of Barcelona) are finishing a first complete version of the work HANDBOOK FOR LEADERS IN HIGHER EDUCATION: DEVELOPING AND DESIGNING INSTITUTIONAL POLICIES FOR DIGITALLY ENHANCED (HYBRID/BLENDED) TEACHING AND LEARNING. This handbook complies the goal of our Intellectual Output O3 and will be edited by the University of Stavanger’ services.

In this handbook, we explore how higher education institutions have used blended and
hybrid learning to respond to the Covid-19 lockdown, particularly how institutional
leaders and some teachers perceived that type of emergency education, and to what
extent the whole process is changing the paradigm. To this end, the authors interviewed
thirty-nine leaders and teachers who were involved in the management of this
transition in six universities located in France, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. All
the interviews with institutional leaders were conducted online through Teams or Zoom
(except for one respondent, who preferred to send a written text). The interviews with
the teachers were conducted either in the facilities of the university or through a video
call at the convenience of the interviewees. Although English was the language of the
interview in many cases, some interviews were also conducted in Catalan, French,
Portuguese, and Spanish.

We will soon provide more detail on concrete aspects about this handbook.