Today Jordi Mogas has presented in ECER Plus conference the communication “Analysis of the Autonomy of Students and Teachers in Blended Learning” in behalf of the team (Cea-Álvarez, Dono-López, Lerma-Sanchis, & Pazos-Justo, et al.).

In this session, we presented the project focusing on the Intellectual Output 1: Handbook with research-based guidelines for teachers in higher education. Based on the literature review, we explained that the methodology combined data from different sources, with a sort of explanatory design. The analysis of quantitative results report the situation, and qualitative results explain it with greater concretion. The data gathering has been conducted between spring 2021 and summer 2022. In the conference, we explained in more detail the instruments:

  • Questionnaire addressed to students (364 responses in pretest, & 51 posttests).
  • Qualitative data from students & teachers
    • A short questionnaire asking teachers to describe formal features of the courses participating in this research.
    • Teachers’ reports on how they give feedback to students in each course.
    • Students’ view registered by means of semi-structured interviews and oral reflections.

Discussing our findings, we highlighted these topics: Portfolio & digital competence, Portfolio & autonomy, Portfolio & feedback, and Relationship teacher-students.

Read the initial abstract of our proposal:

Mogas-Recalde, J., Cea-Álvarez, A., Dono-López, P., Lerma-Sanchis, M. D., & Pazos-Justo, C. (2022, September 1). Analysis of the Autonomy of Students and Teachers in Blended Learning. In European Conference on Educational Research (ECER Plus). Yerevan, Armenia, (Online).