Today the technical staff of the Spanish Erasmus+ Agency ( has conducted a workshop with the PIs of 2019 and 2020. Find below a handful of relevant reflections for BLEARN_AUTONOMY.

The lockdowns and travel restrictions certainly disrupted the start of our project in late 2020. Since we could not meet physically, it was necessary to organise a full set of online meetings that helped everyone to fit into the organisational and the Gantt charts. Those were time consuming activities that succeeded in transmitting information but inevitably failed to create a proper team. Fortunately, we could address this problem with two face-to-face meetings in 2022. We are finally building a team.

The pandemic also disrupted our administrative procedures. Since travels were delayed for many months, it was hard to involve the administrative departments of the six partner institutions. Clearer benchmarks such as paying for trips would have certainly helped.

While completing the main intellectual outputs, the partners should keep in mind the importance of transcending the strict period of implementation. Certainly, the project will have a long-standing impact on our institutions. But we have to make that impact explicit.

Finally, it is crucial to maintain our dissemination plan. We are sending news through social media such as Twitter (, keeping this blog updated (, preparing communications for academic conferences (, gathering stakeholders in multiplier events, and writing handbooks on how teachers and institutional leaders can cope with blended learning. It is crucial to work on these dissemination activities and improve their quality and their reach as much as possible.