From Blearn_Autonomy, an European Strategic Partnership project, we are experimenting with digital, innovative strategies that improve teachers’ feedback to higher education students, foster collaborative teaching across institutions and develop consistent institutional policies of blended learning.

To accomplish such goals we are gathering students’ views from different countries. A first phase of the project Blearn_Autonomy was successfully conducted thanks to hundreds of participations in a questionnaire, as well as with contributions in interviews / oral reflections / written responses.

Now some selected students will have the opportunity to participate in a final action: We are organising a series of focus groups to foster a debate among students from different countries: Spain, France, Norway, Poland and Portugal. Each focus group will be formed with about six people, one from each country / university. These sessions are private (only students with our invitation can take part); data will be treated confidentially.

More info:

The first focus group was held on February 22nd, and it was considered enriching for the participants and fruitful for the project aim. The composition of this group was: One student from U. Stavanger (Norway), one student from U. Minho (Portugal), and two students from U. Warsaw (Poland). Their contribution will be used for qualitative data analysis of the Intellectual Output 1. From this analysis a handbook and academic articles will be presented.

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