At Université Catholique de Lyon (UCLy), the Blearn_Autonomy project brings together a team of five teachers: two from the Institute of French Language and Culture (Valérie SOUBRE and Stéphanie RABIN-SÉCHET),one from the Business School, ESDES (Franck BERUCAT), the head of the pedagogy support center (Pierrick RIBO), and all of them lead by a Senior Lecturer Director of the University Partnerships (Ali MOSTFA).

Thanks to the commitment of each one of them, the team has generated a number of portfolios that will serve as the basis for a qualitative analysis of how students approach the topics dealt with classes subject to pilot-experience and the feedback of the teachers. The teachers involved in this project are already familiar with the use of the portfolio, both in paper version and electronic one.

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Featured image retrieved from Facebook: UCLy – Université Catholique de Lyon