The final BLEARN’s Transnational Project Meeting was celebrated in February 2nd and 3rd 2023 in Braga Gualtar Campus – ELACH (UMinho), Portugal.

The meeting was conducted onsite with some online attendance in hybrid modality, and served to deal some aspects on the organisation, working on the final report and time sheets, as well as brainstorming additional proposals for final publications resulting from the project and prospective future cooperation and work.

The colleagues from the project have recently published a couple of handbooks related to the intellectual outputs of the project: a handbook for teachers related to IO1 (Cea Álvarez et al., 2023)*, and a handbook for leaders according to IO3 (Dikilitas & Rambla, 2022). As reminded in these publications, the digital platform for collaborative teaching across higher education institutions created for IO2 will keep alive.

This was a last face-to-face meeting as the project ends in February 2023, but it was not a farewell. The researchers involved in BLEARN_AUTONOMY are commited to keep working on the initiated meaningful work.

  • Cea Álvarez, A. M., Dono López, P., Lerma Sanchis, M. D., Mogas Recalde, J., Pazos-Justo, C., & Rambla, X. (2023). Potenciar la autonomía mediante la retroalimentación: propuestas para el aprendizaje híbrido en la educación superior. Edições Húmus.
  • Dikilitas, K., & Rambla, X. (2022). Handbook for leaders in higher education: Developing and designing institutional policies for digitally enhanced (hybrid/blended) teaching and learning. University of Stavanger. (web)

*The handbook for teachers is being translated into several languages. It will be published in open access at least in Catalan, English and Portuguese. Apart from the referred original version in Spanish.