Today we have celebrated the Multiplier Event organised in Stavanger.

Read the programme here.

We have listened to:

  • ALI MOSTFA (UniversitĂ© Catholique de Lyon). A linguist with a PhD in English-speaking language and cultures. He is a lecturer at the Catholic University of Lyon, where he teaches two courses on intercultural analyses and the analysis of influence discourse.
  • RICHARD SAMSON (University of Vic). Department of Translation, Interpreting and Applied Languages, University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia
  • DAG HUSEBO (Universitetet i Stavanger). Dag Husebø is a professor in pedagogy and the head of tje university pedagogy unit (UniPed) at the university of Stavanger

The speakers presented general topics related to blended learning strategies, the situation in Stavanger, fostering student engagement in the digital age, and the digital portfolio in Mahara used in this project.