Today we celebrated the International Multiplier Event of the project. As external contributions we have learned from the experience and knowledge of:

Main questions discussed:

  • Is it plausible to conclude that blended learning fosters the academic and personal autonomy of some students? Many struggled with remote teaching during the lockdowns. However, the ones who responded to our questionnaire were more confident on their digital competencies if they had some experience with digital portfolios.
  • In which ways are teachers and students interpreting blended learning flexibly? Although many of our interviewee students were uncertain about blended learning in general, some of them were interested in the potential of digital communication to improve academic feedback. At the same time, the participating teachers were experimenting with different modes of ‘blended feedback’. Thus, both parties seem to be negotiating meaningful interpretations of this technology. 
  • To what extent are higher education institutions elaborating blended- learning policies? We still have to analyse whether this is a rhetorical reaction or an actual change of their practices. However, it is interesting to notice that the movement back to face to face teaching has inspired so many qualifications and emerging concerns.