Today we have conducted the second session of the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting.

As well as the one we did last week, this meeting has served to share achievements, to boost discussion and to take decisions. This second session was devoted to two main blocks:

  • Intellectual Output 2: Digital platform for collaborative teaching across higher education Institutions. Developing a Digital Platform and Using it for Discussion. Sharing new proposals. Presentation of Blended Learning Autonomy pages from the different teachers involved. We also profited this session to comment and debate about different proposals, concerns and topics related to this platform and its use.
  • Intellectual Output 3: Handbook for educational leaders and teachers in higher education. Collection of data through different institutions as a process to understand what is happening in these institutions in regards to blended learning and also how they’ve handled the situation with the pandemic. The leaders of this IO have offered the main lines of work and different questions have ben posed to promote discussion.

In this meeting twelve people have attended and participated, counting on the participation from all six universities from the project.

Image from Freepik.