Today we have conducted the first session of the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting.

The meeting has served to share achievements, to boost discussion and to take decisions. This first session was devoted to two main blocks:

  • Management: Explanation about management and timesheets, discussion about the logo, issues related to personnel to hire, translations, and much more.
  • Intellectual Output 1: General presentation of the results from the pilot phase, types of courses (using portfolio or not), debate on ethics and the importance of pseudonymizing the student data, first results from the Questionnaire for teachers (E1), general comments and requirements from the consortium related to the Teachers’ report on feedback (E2), Rubric for monitoring students’ learning process (E3), review of the Questionnaire for students (E4) considering the different sections and fist results, and the state of the Interviews and Oral Reflections (E5). The session also explored other related topics.

In this meeting twelve people have attended and participated, counting on a participation from all six universities from the project.

Image from Freepik.