Students view


Grades do not show all the aspects of learning in higher education. When students do their tasks and exercises, you also reflect on the interest of these activities and feel more or less satisfied with them.

We want to hear your view on this topic, so we encourage you to participate in this research. There are three options to convey your view, choose between:

Option 1


You will be asked some questions, just need to schedule a meeting with the interviewer and respond the questions in a synchronous session. The interviewer won’t be the teacher of the course.

(It will last about 15 min.)

Option 2

Oral reflection

You will prepare your responses to some questions, and will record your contribution (audio file or video). Don’t worry for technical quality, we just need to hear you. It will be asynchronous so you can manage your time.

(It must last 3-5 min.)

Option 3


You will get some questions and just need to respond and send us a brief report with your view. The report will take about one sheet, so it’s quick!

(It will take about 5-10 min.)


The questions you will be asked for are the same in all the options, always with regard to the course from which you are invited to participate.

To participate, first you need to choose the option you prefer. Then, you will be provided the questions to answer and the steps to follow. 

It will take you few time!