What do you need to know?

Once you have applied, an interviewer will contact you soon.

You don’t need to do anything in advance, but we offer you below the questions you will be asked for. This way you have the chance to think on them if you want to be better prepared.

The interview will last about 15 minutes.



Grades do not show all the aspects of learning in higher education. When students do their tasks and exercises, you also reflect on the interest of these activities and feel more or less satisfied with them. In this interview, you will be asked the following questions with regard to the course you are invited to participate from. 

  • Teachers and students interacted face-to-face and used digital tools in this course. Could you tell us about your experiences in these two modalities? Please be specific and give us as much detail as you can so that we can understand you and your experiences for a better future planning.

  • Which steps did you fulfil in order to accomplish your grade? What did you do?

  • Did you follow any guidelines? If so, where did you find these guidelines?

  • How do you feel about teaching and learning in this course?

  • How do you think the course has influenced your understanding and practice of education?

  • How would you describe your teacher’s support/feedback during the course?

  • Would you expect more support from teachers in working face- to- face and on-line in the same course? What would it be? What kind of help would it be?


That’s all?

You need to be aware of one more thing. The day of the interview it will be necessary you to fulfill the following form. It is the informed consent in which you manifest free willingness to participate.